Long Island East District
Long Island East District
Sunday, February 17, 2019
of the New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
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GLS reviews:  
 There are nuggets of wisdom, at the very least, and often truck loads, in every GLS session, for those in ministry as laypeople or clergy and for those outside the faith community.  I would not spend two precious days of summer sitting inside if what I gained at the GLS didn't significantly enhance my effectiveness in ministry and community work and feed my soul!
-Meredith, Bayport
  This will be my third year at GLS; and I'm excited because I heard a rumor that Michael Jr. is back!  Something happens to me when I'm in a room full of people, hearing talks, testimonies, and teachings specifically designed to motivate and inspire.  I laugh, I cry and I take pages of notes - not just speaker highlights.  Ideas, plans, goals, hopes and dreams flood my mind to overflowing. It's electrifying.  When I leave the summit, I want to do so much. I truly believe I can make a difference.  
-Jann, Bayport
  I first attend the Global Leadership Summit in August 2015.  I attended based solely on the "new Pastor's" recommendation. It was so much better than I ever could have expected! The presenters had such varied life experiences.  Each was totally relatable. You might think that experience couldn't be topped but I went again in August 2016.  Again the varied speakers gave talks that had immediate take aways.  I plan on going again this August.  I am looking forward to hearing the speakers , the music and the fellowship of others attending.
-Linda, Bayport
  Every year that I go to the GLS, I take away something that has deep impact on my personal life, my professional life, and my work within the church.  And the atmosphere of excitement and creativity are invigorating!
-Linda, Wheatley Heights


Global Leadership Summit, 2018

August 9 & 10
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flyer revised  5/22/18 with new list of speakers:

Reflections from GLS 2016:
What are you going to do with what God has given you?  How will people remember you?  What does God want you to put more energy into?
These are questions burned into my soul during the Global Leadership Summit August 11 and 12.   For two days I listened to pastors, authors, CEOs, philanthropists and business people; experts in leadership who challenged all those attending to live intentionally.  While each presenter spoke on a different topic, the common thread was a love for God that calls each and every one of us to this:
“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as working for the Lord.”  Colossians 3:3
The takeaway insights from each talk weave an encouraging to do list that kindles my enthusiasm for a life lived as a follower of Jesus Christ:
·         Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, reminded me that God didn’t intend for any vocation to drown him out.
·         Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, explained the value of having a compelling vision.
·         Mark “Kaiser” Schmidt, Air Force Fighter Pilot Instructor, demonstrated how he cares about people and takes care of them holistically.
·         Melinda Gates, (along with husband Bill) gives away billions through a foundation that is a visible illustration of their values.  She talked about stewardship; doing good with what God blessed you with.  Begin by listening, learning and finding out what can be done to help people get a start.
·         Jossy Chacko, President of Empart, Inc., said “Don’t let fear of losing what you have prevent God from giving you what he has for you.  Sometimes earthly practicalities can block heavenly possibilities.”
·         Patrick Lencioni, author, taught me about having one Wildly Important Goal that gets the treatment of focus, leverage, engagement and accountability.
·         Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor, implored me not to leave the planet without using the gifts that God has given me.  He said to enter the realm of greatness that God has called you.  We were created by a creator to be creative.  God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”
·         Danielle Strickland, author and officer in the Salvation Army declared that, “true humility is agreeing with God about who you are.”
·         John Maxwell, Leadership Expert, Author and Coach, said, “Live intentionally…  We can’t have uphill hopes with downhill habits.”
·         Wilfredo De Jesus, Senior Pastor, community leader and author, reminded me what walking in love looks like.  Jesus told us to be salt and light.  It is my responsibility to walk in love and truth because Jesus said follow me.
I love hearing a compelling sermon or a challenging teaching or motivational presentation.  There’s something about listening to speakers who have a passion ignited by the Holy Spirit of God that motivates me heart and soul.  I can only imagine how the disciples and the multitudes of followers were stirred by the teachings of Jesus; how Mary was moved to tears as she sat at our Lord’s feet.  It was a blessing to attend the Global Leadership Summit as part of this journey of discovering my full potential in Christ.  I pray that I keep coming back to God’s plan; not running ahead or lagging behind.  Want to join me at the summit next year?  Save the date!  Mark your calendar!  August 10, 11, 2017. 
Peace and Blessings,
Jann, Bayport
One of the most important lessons One of the most important lessons for me was the value of "salt and light."  Although this was the subject of the last speaker's talk, I feel that this message was contained in so many of the presentations.  Don't get stale.  A leader is responsible for re-energizing herself.  Stay in the Word.  Hang around with "passionate" people.  Read inspiring books.  Don't let your light grow dim.  Don't let your faith grow cold.  Set new goals and a timetable for achieving them.  What goals do I have that can only be  achieved with God?  Empower others to help achieve a God-honoring goal.  Be a Christian who is willing to take risks for Christ.  (This is personally very hard for me.  I am so risk-averse.)  Without risk we become complacent.  "People have uphill hopes, and they have downhill habits.  The only way to break downhill habits is to get intentional in your life."  There is no accidental achievement.  Saltiness!  Are we adding value with our lives?  Getting from "here to there" takes determination, energy, focus, passion.  I am determined to get re-energized, re-focused, and juiced up again!
Thank you!  May God bless you richly!
 - Meredith, Bayport

I just finished Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I was happily surprised to find out after finishing it,that it is currently the number one non-fiction best seller! I have never been one to based my reading on the best seller list so this is just a coincidence.  It confirmed my opinion that this is a powerful book that everyone could get something out of. 
I got to hear Shauna read a passage from her book at the Global Leadership Summit and immediately knew I wanted to hear more.  The book is a not a quick fix or a condemning view of our fast paced life but raises questions that we alone have to pray about.  Shauna tells of her journey as she puts it " to be present with God over being perfect for the world." Are we constantly racing to work for God and never taking the time to be with God? The question of our own legacy is raised and the reality that we are all working for God's kingdom.  
Obviously, Shauna gives some life examples from a female point of view. However some of her examples are gender neutral about being in the work force and the pressure of striving for achievement and recognition from the world so I could see both men and women enjoying this book. It would also be a great read for young adults before going out to the world of work. The questions raised are not limited to just work , but our daily lives and struggles that pull us away from God.
I would definitely recommend Present Over Perfect and would love to discuss it with anyone after they have read it.   - Linda, Bayport